At WeCode I made the promise of making a 4-hour workshop of the magnificent 99 Bottles of OOP book. Today was the day.

11 people talked about OOP, tradeoffs and best practices during a morning in Cylicon Valley. I facilitated the workshop, based on Shameless Green solution that the book build, test-driven. I chose Ruby because the book also did and by the time I prepared this it was my daily language, but people could pick whatever they wanted. Here are the slides:

Instead of doing live coding I based the workshop on git diffs. Here’s the code. For each step people had 1-5 minutes, and then I showed the incremental change. That allows me to focus on the content and goals instead of the code.

I failed miserably with the time. I literally forgot to take into account the coffee break, so the last half hour had to be compressed into a few minutes. Sorry about that U_U. In spite of that, feedback was positive (people is very kind). Maybe next time I can try using Javascript or Java, because nobody there was used to Ruby, so it’s not valuable.

Beer time afterwards was the best thing, though. A lot of many interesting conversations, ranging from Kotlin to DDD or University. Many thanks to the attendees!