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Although I already reviewed An Elegant Puzzle, this post does a better communication job :) 10 Ideas From the Best Book on Engineering Management | by Syed Mohsin | Better Programming.

I’m currently being challenged (and challenging) Scrum processes, and I found these two articles by Mike Cohn quite interesting, in order to relax rules to allow agility despite Scrum: The Definition of Ready and Its Dangers, Why Overlapping Work & Concurrent Engineering Are Key to Agility.

#134 - A Developer-Centric Approach to Measuring and Improving Productivity - Margaret-Anne Storey & Abi Noda - Tech Lead Journal is an interesting podcast on the complex topic of productivity metrics. The related paper, DevEx: What Actually Drives Productivity - ACM Queue, is worth a read.


I haven’t been able to play videogames at all, but I spent a weekend with some friends and enjoyed some board games. While we played several of them, I picked two fillers: Fantasma Blitz and Paku Paku :)


Another month driven by concerts! I attended Veral (❤️), which increased the scrobbles count of Los Punsetes and Menta (great live gigs!), and Conexión Valladolid. From this one, the band I wanted to see the most was Miniño, but the surprise of the festival were Johnny Garso.


I finished Alice Munro Too much happiness, which is likely to be the most depressing short stories collection ever :_).