Some interesting content that I ingested during December 2021.


Engineering Management

Bonus: moved personal blogs to S3

Simple site hosting with Amazon S3 and HTTPS is a good guide.

  1. Created two buckets, with and without www., with the content at www. and the other being a redirect.
  2. Used so the empty domain points to the www one. This seems convoluted, but my DNS provider won’t allow me using CNAME for the bucket. Thanks to this SO answer.
  3. Configured bucket policies.
  4. Configured a A DNS registry to (wwwizwer), and a CNAME with www to the www. bucket.
  5. Check this for SSL and S3 and this for multiple domains.

Bonus 2: Marginalia search engine

In recent years, something has been simmering: Some call it the “Small Internet”. I hesitate to call it a movement, that would imply a level of organization and intent that it does not possess. It’s a disjointed group of like-minded people that recognize that the Internet has lost a certain je ne sais quoi, it has turned from a wild and creative space, into more of shopping mall. Where ever you go, you’re prodded to subscribe to newsletters, to like and comment, to buy stuff.

The purpose of the tool is primarily to help you find and navigate the non-commercial parts of the internet. Where, for sure, you’ll find crack-pots, communists, libertarians, anarchists, strange religious cults, snake oil peddlers, really strong opinions. Yes all manner of strange people.