In Felt we’ve just released embed maps 🎉. This was one of the most requested features after the launch of our incredibly user-friendly mapping tool and now you can add your Felt maps to your websites.

I’m obviously biased, but I think that Felt might be the best tool for sharing information on top of maps. It would’ve been a great tool for the last WeCode that was organized.

We could’ve added to this shared map with software conferences and make WeCode appear to everybody seeing it.

And then zoom in and create another one with the city-level information on venues.

And then zoom in even more and create another one for indoor mapping, rooms…:

No more map screenshooting to explain in which room happens what, everything in the same place! And the day of the conference you can see your location if you open the map in your phone.

I’ve created this in a few minutes. Felt is perfect for this because of many small features:

  • Building clipping: you can select buildings (or countries, provinces…) and edit or copy them. I used it for highlighting the venues and also for a parallel indoor map of the second floor of the building.
  • Easy image embedding: just paste the screenshot of the agenda.
  • Rich embeds: you paste a link, you get a preview of the web.
  • Quick drawing tools for rooms, corridors…
  • Zoom-aware elements (you can add info that is only relevant at building-size level).
  • Sharing and embedding.

I’ve missed one thing in the process of making this blogpost, but it’s in the roadmap ;). Let us know if you miss anything else, we’re eager for feedback!

And we’re hiring!.