Feature flagging libraries for Django

  Library Doc Repo Last update Pypi Last release
💀 django-feature-toggle     2021-11-11 Pypi 2018-02-25
💀 django-experiments   Repo 2023-07-25   2016-09-16
  django-flags Doc Repo 2024-03-19   2023-06-08
  django-waffle Doc Repo 2023-12-11 Pypi 2023-12-11

This Django packages listing about feature flipping is useful too.

  Library Repo Last update Pypi Last release
  wagtail-flags (django-flags UI) Repo 2024-01-08 [Pypi](https://pypi.org/project/wagtail-flags/ 2023-03-10

Django-flags vs Django-waffle

  Django-flags Django-waffle
Flag definition Code Admin
Flag condition setting Admin Admin
Flags at URLs Yes  
Condition: boolean Yes Yes (switch)
Condition: user Yes Yes
Condition: anonymous Yes Yes
Condition: URL parameter Yes Yes
Condition: path Yes No
Condition: language No Yes
Condition: group No Yes
Condition: superuser/staff No Yes
Condition: percent No Yes
Condition: date (before/after) Yes  
Condition: custom Yes  

Please note that 👆🏻 is about out-of-the-box features, and many of them are easily implementable.


It looks like a winner because of feature set and more recent updates.

  • Three different types: flags, switches and samples.
  • Custom Flag model.
  • Support for JS and JSON.